The Right Choice Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program is generally completed over 8-10 weeks. Stage 1 includes a discovery period and is focused on stabilization as well as understanding the underlying causes for the addiction on an individual level. Stage 2 focuses on therapy, motivation and developing practices that set our clients up for long term recovery. Stage 3 centers around reintegration and setting our clients up for life after rehab. Our outpatient program has been proven to produce the best possible outcomes of long term recovery.

Stage 1

Week 1-2


Understanding the causes of addiction and creating a treatment plan of action.

  • Assessment
  • Treatment Planning

Stage 2

Week 3-6


Therapeutic intervention treating the causes of addiction & relapse prevention.

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Sessions

Stage 3

Week 7-8


A slow reintegration into life while maintaining a solid safety net if things get difficult.

  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Peer Support Growth
  • Aftercare

Your Road to Recovery Starts with You

Your First Stop is Here

At Right Choice Recovery, we help you along your path to recovery, discovery, and healing by providing you with evidence-based, multidisciplinary treatment plans and support in reaching your goals and in getting to a place where you feel healthy and safe.

Our outpatient clinic is a welcoming place where we become part of your team toward happiness and wellness.

Outpatient treatment perfectly complements inpatient treatment and is effective as a follow-up regimen. For those who qualify, we offer intensive outpatient counseling and treatment.

We understand that addiction recovery encompasses a wide range of issues, including mental health, family dynamics and relationships, stress, anger management, and more. That is why our professionals are highly-trained and experienced in a wide variety of areas, including mental health, family wellness, and addiction recovery.